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Head to the 'Book Online' section of my website and choose the class you would like to participate in. I run my classes online every Wednesday at 6.30pm and this will be highlighted on the bookings calendar by a little pink dot!

You can also sign up to my monthly plan which will give you unlimited access to all my classes and save you 25% each month!

New to 2023- Cant make it live? My on demand section of the website is now live! There are various options you can choose from including HIIT style and floor workouts using a hula hoop. Click the 'on demand' tab to find out more.


Hula hooping is a fun, low-impact form of exercise that can provide a number of benefits for your physical and mental health. Here are some potential benefits of hula hooping:

  1. Cardiovascular exercise: Hula hooping can provide a moderate to intense cardiovascular workout, depending on the intensity of your hoop practice. This can help to improve your overall cardiovascular fitness and increase your heart health.

  2. Core strength: Hula hooping requires you to engage and stabilize your core muscles in order to keep the hoop spinning around your waist. This can help to strengthen your abdominal muscles and improve your overall core strength.

  3. Balance and coordination: Hula hooping requires you to maintain balance and coordinate your movements, which can help to improve your balance and coordination over time.

  4. Stress relief: Hula hooping can be a fun and enjoyable form of physical activity that can help to reduce stress and improve your mood.

  5. Flexibility: Hula hooping can help to improve your flexibility, especially in your hips, waist, and back.

  6. Weight loss: Depending on the intensity of your hula hooping practice and your diet, hula hooping can be an effective way to burn calories and lose weight. As you become more confident with your hooping, you can increase the intensity of your workouts!

  7. Its inexpensive: you can pick up a suitable weighted hula hoop from as little as £15.

  8. Its super FUN! Give it a go!

It's important to note that the benefits of hula hooping will vary depending on the individual and the intensity of their practice. As with any form of exercise, it's important to consult with a healthcare professional before starting a new physical activity program.

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One of the most common questions is what size hula hoop should I buy? 

There are lots of retailers out there that you can get a great beginner weighted fitness hoop from.

The guide here is from Hulafit and refers to their brand of collapsible weighted hoop- but that being said, the advice about going larger still applies to any hoop you buy!

You can read more about hoop size guides and recommended retailers here:

What hula hoop should I buy as a beginner?

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